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Our Placement Process

Hello all,

I am HR & Placement Head at Techbox digital. You all must have gone through our website to know about us. But still, I would like to introduce our business model to you all. We collaboratively provide digital marketing services to businesses, training to industry freshers & jobs to job seekers. We run multiple businesses under Techbox which you will witness & will work on during your internship period.

So, Today I will just brief about internship & placement offered by Techbox Digital.

Everyone dreams for a bright career, Isn’t it? And we educate our self to get qualified to avail best career opportunities.  We pursue various career-oriented courses, but despite course completion, we don’t get jobs.


Just because we couldn’t be able to express what we have learned and misses good opportunities. To overcome this, we have a personality development program that involves professional resume creation, English communication preparation, group discussion, assignment & mock interviews. Our well-crafted program ensures our student will be able to crack an interview in the first three calls.

The personality development program will help you to represent yourself confidently. To express our self, we must acquire some knowledge, but knowledge without action is useless. And hence we promote & practice 100% practical training for students.

By knowing the necessity of live learning process in fresher’s life, we have launched an integrated digital marketing training program to develop skilled personnel needed to match industry demand. And to fulfil industry demand, we ensure competent workforce delivery through our specially designed training program.

And this training program involves paid internship which works on some guidelines that allow individuals to learn on live projects with a stipend as remuneration of learning & implementation part.

To become eligible for internship student must pass the assessment, which is just a means to check capability and resourcefulness. As per task completion, you will get paid. A student failed to perform task won’t be eligible for a stipend. A professional digital marketing expert will be assigned to guide and allocate work. He will update HR about student’s performance, and accordingly, HR will release a stipend.

Our training & placement cell ensure training, earning, grooming & an excellent job to students with the co-ordination of student. Everyone gets a placement from us, sooner or later. There are guidelines regarding placement opportunities which you can read in placement manual given below.

Placement Guidlines

  1. We provide multiple resume format to students, out of which student need to select one & need to build a resume as per HR guidelines.
  2. After resume preparation student needs to submit it to HR for approval. Once approved the same resume should be shared with recruiters & HR.
  3. During course, assessment or interviews will be conducted to check the candidate’s potential to offer a paid internship.
  4. Grooming session aka personality development program is free & included in digital marketing course & compulsory for everyone. To take full advantage of placement one must complete a grooming session with dedication & passion.
  5. The student must submit their approved resume with HR & placement team before participating in the placement process.
  6. Placement calls are provided on mail individually to every student. Student needs to give confirmation about interview attendance.
  7. The scheduled interview cannot be cancelled or postponed. In case of emergency, the candidate needs to inform the same to HR before the interview timings.
  8. The student must provide proper feedback about the attended interview; it helps us for process improvement.
  9. Before accepting any interview invitation, the student must investigate about company profile, roles & responsibilities, job description & salary etc.
  10. The student must attend the mock interview before applying for Jobs.
  11. If candidate rejects valid job offer for 3 times without any genuine reason, he will be discarded from the placement process. To avoid such a scenario, tell your HR when you are ready to accept the job offer. (genuine reasons are accepted and no action will be taken)