Interview Success Formula

Getting a call for an interview is the first step towards ambition. It is a sign that the candidate is a good match for that position but how you best fit for that position depends on the success of the interview. Giving a successful interview and cracking it will actually help to fulfill the dreams. The cracking interview is not easy it requires full preparation along with patience. Candidates should be very careful about it because one mistake can break everything and push us back into frustration. Here is a formula to success in the job interview.

Following are the pillars of Interview Success Formula-

  • Know Yourself
  • Know Your CV
  • Know them
  • Perform
  • Persist

1.Know Yourself-

It is a very initial step because 99% of interviewers use to ask to Tell me about yourself?. It is the most common question to start the interview. It helps the interviewer to know about you and your resume. While discussing yourself a few points to take care of-

About yourself

  • Don’t repeat your name again as the interviewer knows it.
  • Be prepared well to take this opportunity to expose yourself.
  • Focus on the sequential order of your relevant experience.
  • Don’t talk about your family and personal background. 
  • End up with the reason for a job change.

Your Strengths

While talking about your strength never show off the following examples-

  • I am always open to learning new technology and a quick learner.
  • I have delivered a recent project successfully and take work aggressively to end up it before deadlines.

Instead of this, you can use the following example of strengths-

  • Knowledge-based skills- Obtained from education and experience (e.g., computer skills, languages, degrees, training, and other technical ability).
  • Transferable skills- It includes your portable skills(e.g., communication, planning, and analytical problem-solving skills).
  • Personal traits- Your personal unique qualities(e.g., flexible, friendly, hard-working, expressive, formal, punctual, and being a good team player).

Your Weaknesses

Keep one thing in mind that your weakness is never negative until you give up or you don’t try to overcome that. Some examples could be-

  • I had some issues in delegating the tasks to my subordinates, but I am working on it.
  • Working to improve my domain (mention the specific one) knowledge.
  • Initially, I begin slowly as I spend more time to understand the subject thoroughly.
  • I had some issues in assigning the tasks to my subordinates, but I am working on it. 

2.Know your CV-

You must have to be aware of everything mentioned in your CV.

Have a remarkable CV-

Make your CV very well organized and concise. Keep it updated, and don’t make it too big. It is better to mention all highlights over the first page because no one is going to read through all pages.

Your recent assignment-

Relying on your experience with the project and industry, you may be asked to explain the architecture and domain in brief. Prepare well and have all technical and functional insight into the project. 

Your favorite project-

If your contribution to the current project is not that remarkable then you can propose to talk about your favorite project to elaborate your skills.

Your achievements-

  • Try to collect a minimum of 3 highlights of your career and professional achievements. 
  • At least 3 challenges of your professional life and how you successfully overcome that.

This may show your employee excellence. 

3.Know Them

If you are going for a job interview it is important to know about all the interview rounds and prepare accordingly. Before going for an interview you need to be very familiar with the following points-

  • Company profile

You must have to go through the company profile fr which you are applying and also get aware of company areas at which they are good.

  • Your match with the job profile

As a part of preparation do industrious mapping of the job description and your experience. It will help you to prove how you are the best match.

  • Know your interviewer

When you know who is going to interview you just go through their Linkedin profile. It will give a fair idea about their expertise and background.

  • Ask some relevant questions to the interviewer at the end

When do they ask Do you have any queries? Never afraid of asking questions at the end because not asking will give a big negative impact. Some sample questions are-

-Ask about the project and team structure.

-Any specific technology to learn before joining.


To succeed in the interview you have to perform really well in the following manners.

  • Attire

Your attire should be impressive. Always dress high-level in the organization it will help to gain attention over you. Always dress up in formal wear while going for an interview.

  • Important things to carry

Additional sets of resumes.

-Notepad and properly working pen.

-Visiting card, if you have any.

  • Timeliness

Be punctual about timing. Arrive at least 30 mins before the scheduled time to reach 10mins early at the venue.


It’s time to relax and keep your enthusiasm high because you already have performed. This is the most crucial and strong center pillar to succeed and stay positive, encouraged for future endeavors and next interviews. Always keep your morale high as you have done your best and honestly put all great efforts. 

These are 5 major pillars of the Interview Succes Formula which helps you to crack the interview and step ahead towards your future endeavors.